As a point of introduction, we are a rope and saddle type of tree company that is invested heart and soul in the process of arboriculture.  We are less involved with machinery and more focused on the skill, elegance, and art of our profession.  Each task is approached through the prospective of the aesthetic lens.  We do, however, allow state of the art equipment to do the heavy lifting and hard cleanup work.

The ASV rubber track skidder moves all our brush and fell trees quickly, efficiently, and has a low ground impact at 3.4 psi.  With the ASV’s weight evenly dispersed, not only is compaction and root damage avoided, but work sites in general reflect less impact.  The ASV also carries and operates a 100 hp stump grinder that will compete well with any other on the market, two types of forestry mowers as well as buckets, forks, winches, etc.  We are well equipped to ply our trade and attain your goals.