LaChance Tree Professionals is fully and exclusively dedicated to tree climbing. The aerial equipment and cranes aren’t squeezing onto your property and limiting the height at which pruning or removal begins. Effective pruning depends on attention that creates sunlight distribution, structural enhancement, wind management, and beauty. A tree climber works from the inside of the tree to the outside and top to bottom. LaChance Tree Professional climbers are invested whole heartily in perfecting the skill needed to achieve goals that will benefit your trees and property. The trees on your property play different roles. Some are specimen trees where the pruning goals are directed toward long term health and balance. Others are visual barriers or control wind. Trees are a defining element of your property. They provide texture and create depth and dimension as well as cool you protect you and add the essential characters that gives your property as sense of place. It is critical to us that the climber we put in your tree is able to determine and achieve these goals.

Tree removals of any size like pruning are approached with equal care and pride using either pinpoint falling or rigging and dismantling techniques. The most important aspect of removing a tree however is to establish whether or not the tree should be removed in the first place. Often there is no question but the decision must go beyond the equipment that a tree company prefers to use. Each aspect of a trees value should be reconsidered before removal.

What objective can be reached through both pruning and removal?

Because we enjoy tree climbing we have refined, over the years, the aspect of clean up. The ASV rubber track machine grapples and moves mountains of brush and logs delivering each to truck or chipper. This low impact system (for your yards and our backs) allows us to increases time in the trees and decrease time and labor on the ground cleaning up. At the end of the day this efficiency translates to an increase in skilled productivity